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Holiday Policy

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1.0 Policy Purpose

Brown University provides eligible staff with paid time off to observe holidays.

2.0 To Whom the Policy Applies

All Full-time staff are eligible to receive paid time off to observe University holidays. Part-time staff working at least 50% Percent Time are eligible for pro-rated Holiday pay. 

3.0 Policy Statement

Brown University observes the following eleven holidays plus one Floating Holiday: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Indigenous Peoples Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. The university also observes Election Day when both presidential and midterm Congressional elections are held.

Full and Part-time staff will receive one Floating Holiday on January 1st of each year. Any staff member hired after January 1st will receive the Floating Holiday on the following January 1st.  Floating Holiday pay will be pro-rated for Part-time employees based Percent Time. The Floating Holiday may be used on a day mutually agreeable to the staff member and supervisor. Unused days will not carry over year-to-year and are not eligible for payout upon termination. Employees hired after January 1st, will have to wait until the following year to receive a Floating Holiday accrual.

Employees may take time off for religious holidays not observed under the holiday calendar. Permission of supervisors is required and will be granted unless such an absence would create a significant business hardship. Employees may choose to be paid for this observance by using Floating Holiday or Vacation Time.

Certain essential employees may be required to work on an observed holiday.

Employees on paid leave will be paid for the holiday. Employees on unpaid leave will not be paid for the holiday.

4.0 Definitions

For the purpose of this policy, the terms below have the following definitions

Percent Time:

Employee’s scheduled hours and months divided by the employer’s standard hours and months for a Full-time work schedule.


100% Full Time Equivalent (FTE)


<100% Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

Floating Holiday:

Paid time off from work taken on a day chosen by the employee subject to manager approval.  

5.0 Responsibilities

All individuals to whom this policy applies are responsible for becoming familiar with and following this policy. University supervisors are responsible for promoting the understanding of this policy and for taking appropriate steps to help ensure compliance with it.


Non-exempt employees are required to enter Holiday time in order to be paid appropriately.  Both exempt and non-exempt employees need to submit the Floating Holiday as time off in Workday.


Supervisors approve Floating Holiday in Workday as a time off request.

6.0 Consequences for Violating this Policy

Failure to comply with this and related policies is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension without pay, or termination of employment or association with the University, in accordance with applicable (e.g., staff, faculty, student) disciplinary procedures.

7.0 Related Information

This policy is not a legal document. This policy does not confer a term of employment, nor is the language intended to establish a contract of employment, express or implied, between any employee and Brown University. The University reserves the right to change, amend or terminate any of its human resources policies at any time for any reason.

Brown University is a community in which employees are encouraged to share workplace concerns with University leadership. Additionally, Brown’s Anonymous Reporting Hotline allows anonymous and confidential reporting on matters of concern online or by phone (877-318-9184).

The following information complements and supplements this document. The information is intended to help explain this policy and is not an all-inclusive list of policies, procedures, laws and requirements.

Union employees should refer to their collective bargaining agreement for their holiday schedule. Public Safety, Facilities Management, Dining Services, University Library.

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7.4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Non-exempt employees that are not scheduled to work on a holiday may receive a pro-rated amount of holiday pay. Please refer to the SOP document for this policy, which outlines the procedure for non-exempt employees.

Union employees should refer to their collective bargaining agreement to learn about available holidays. 

Employees on paid leave receive holiday pay. Employees on unpaid leave do not.

Holidays that fall on Saturday are observed the prior Friday. Holidays that fall on Sunday are observed the following Monday.

7.5 Other Related Information:

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Policy Owner and Contact(s)

Policy Owner: Vice President for Human Resources

Policy Approved by: Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration

Contact Information:

Leave and Accommodation Manager Email 401-863-1790

Policy History

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Policy Update/Review Summary:

The university observes Juneteenth. Previous versions superseded by this policy:

  • Holiday Policy, Effective Date: September 29, 2020
  • Holiday Policy, Effective Date: June 4, 2020