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Use Of Campus Space By External Third Parties


Under specific circumstances and conditions, events, conferences, seminars, and talks by external third-party  users may be accommodated if appropriate on-campus space is available.

Policy Statement

University-owned facilities are critical resources dedicated to advancing the University’s mission and are primarily reserved for use by students, faculty and staff to support teaching, research and campus life. Ownership of all Brown University space/facilities belongs to the University, rather than individuals, units or departments and is assigned for specific functions that support the educational mission and strategic goals set by the University. Under specific circumstances and conditions, events, conferences, seminars, and talks by external third-party  users may be accommodated if appropriate on-campus space is available.

The following groups shall be recognized as an external third-party user organization permitted to use University space: a recognized public service organization; a non-profit educational or professional organization; a non-partisan organization; a for-profit or commercial business entity; a government agency or elected or appointed government official (for non-partisan/non-political purposes).

Use of Campus Space for Event, Program or Activity Hosted by an External Third-Party Organization

An external third-party event, program or activity hosted by an external third-party organization is defined as one that is promoted and executed by an unaffiliated external organization or association that requests use of University facilities, housing accommodations or other amenities for its program. Such an event is not wholly or partially promoted or executed by a Brown individual, department or program. The event is considered an external event, regardless of whether Brown students, faculty or staff have an interest in participating or attending. The organizers of the event are permitted to charge registration fees, membership or admission fees.


External third parties must adhere to the following policies and procedures to access Brown University space:

  • Enter a signed contract with Event Strategy and Management.
  • Provide a certificate of insurance showing evidence of general liability insurance covering the event, program or activity and use of campus space in an amount of at least $2,000,000 naming Brown University as an additional named insured. The signed contract and associated deposit (if applicable) and certificate of insurance must be on file before any external third-party event can take place on campus.
  • Comply with policies related to Commercial Photography & Filming, Image Use, Use of Brown Name.

Use of Campus Space by an External Third Party Sponsored by a Brown Department or Recognized Student Organization

In some cases, external third-party organizations may be sponsored by an academic or administrative department of the University. A Brown sponsor would be responsible for ensuring adherence to all requirements outlined in this policy. The Brown sponsor is the primary contact for the event, program or activity and assumes responsibility, including fiscal responsibility for all costs.

Recognized student organizations wishing to sponsor an external third-party organization must contact the Student Activities Office at 401-863-2341. When necessary, Event Strategy and Management may connect with appropriate offices or departments within the University to discuss and properly evaluate sponsorship opportunities.


  1. All inquiries, with the exception of requests to use Brown athletic space or fields,  must be initiated by contacting Event Strategy and Management at or by calling 401-863-3100. You may also complete an Event Inquiry Form.
  2. Event Strategy and Management staff will follow up directly with the group and discuss all programmatic needs such as:
    1. Organization details
    2. Anticipated date(s) and number or participants
    3. Types, sizes and number of spaces needed
    4. Housing necessities, if applicable
    5. Catering/food basics (note all food and beverage must be provided by Brown University Catering or by a Brown-approved vendor)
    6. Media Services and room setup
    7. Any security concerns and plans for addressing these matters
  3. A proposal will be developed that includes an outline of all costs associated with the event, including but not limited to:
    1. Rental fees for contracted space(s).
    2. Facilities support fees i.e. custodial services, setups of tables/chairs etc.
    3. Required 10% facilities use and planning fee
  4. Once appropriate fees and services have been communicated via the proposal and accepted by the third-party user, Event Strategy and Management will generate a Conference Agreement for the third-party organization in order to contract the services. All third-party external organizations using Brown-owned facilities are required to have a signed contract on file with Event Strategy and Management.
  5. Event Strategy and Management will only approve space rentals for programs where space and resources allow.

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