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Visitor Travel Reimbursement


This policy states when a visitor to Brown University may be reimbursed for travel expenses.

Policy Statement

Brown employees may not personally fund visitor travel and subsequently seek reimbursement. 

Visitors to Brown University may be reimbursed for their travel under the following conditions:

  • Travel expenses must comply with Brown’s travel policy.
  • Reimbursements to visitors whose travel expenses do not comply with Brown’s travel policy are subject to taxation.
  • Travel reimbursements to foreign national visitors must comply with the Department of Homeland Security and IRS regulations.
  • Visitor travel reimbursements that are in accordance with Brown University’s expense reimbursement policy and travel policies must be must be submitted for reimbursement within 60 days of the expense.  Expenses older than 60 days that are submitted for reimbursement will be reported to the visitor as a taxable payment on Form 1099 or Form 1042s.  See the Expense Reimbursement Policy for additional information.
  • Visitors may not be reimbursed for hospitality expenses. Visitors are not reimbursed for business meals: Brown University staff must provide food for Brown functions. 
  • Visitors on a B2/WT visa may not receive any payment or reimbursement.


Travel Reimbursement: Payments to individuals for reimbursement of expenses incurred while traveling on University related business.  Reimbursement(s) are in accordance with Brown University’s accountable plan/travel reimbursement policy.

Visitors are individuals who travel to Brown at the invitation of a Brown employee or department for the benefit of Brown University.  Visitors may:

  • Have no anticipation of payment beyond the reimbursement of travel expenses and/or
  • Be paid a fee for services, such as a guest speaker fee, honorarium, or fee for other services and/or
  • Encounter restrictions on travel reimbursements and/or payments for services if the individual is a foreign national visitor. 


Finance Division: The Accounts Payable Office and Tax Office in the Finance Division ensure compliance with federal and state statutes as well as review and process transactions.

Cost Center Managers: Cost Center Managers ensure compliance with this and other relevant University Policies.  The Cost Center Manager approves submitted transactions.

Financial Coordinators: Financial Coordinators compile relevant supporting documentation and initiate transactions.

Visitor: The Visitor is responsible to provide receipts to the financial coordinator.


1)      Review the purpose of the visitor payment:

  • If payment is a living allowances or stipend to scholars, refer to the policy on Payments to Researchers/Scholars Unaffiliated with Brown.
  •  If payment is for professional services where payment is greater than $5000, refer to the Policy for Hiring Consultants/Independent Contractors.  Individuals may not receive a reimbursement for travel expenses however, they may include travel costs in their invoice. Travel expenses will be paid along with the contractor’s fee and will be included in the visitor’s Form 1099 or Form 1042S tax reporting document.
  • If payment is to a foreign national visitor, review the Payments to Foreign Nationals policy and the Payment to Foreign Nationals at Brown chart to ensure the visitor’s visa permits payment.

2)      Payment to visitor:  travel reimbursement paid by check

  • The visitor must be a supplier in the Workday System. If the visitor is not a supplier in the Workday system, either the visitor or the department Financial Coordinator will need to complete the Visitor Travel Reimbursement Registration form.
  • Request payment using the Supplier Invoice business process in the Workday System.  Use the Visitor Travel (3940) spend category.  Receipts for all visitor travel expenses, regardless of the amount, must be attached the reimbursement request. If receipts are not available, the visitor will not be reimbursed under Brown University’s accountable plan. 
  • Attach the Foreign Visitor’s Honoraria/Expense Reimbursement Attestation Form to the supplier invoice.
  • Accounts Payable will process a check for payment.   International visitors may request a wire transfer of funds and a wire transfer request form must be attached to the Supplier Invoice.

3)      Payment to visitor receiving payment for services up to $5000 and/or who wants electronic payment (direct deposit):  

  • The visitor must be a supplier in the Workday System. If the visitor is not a supplier in the Workday system, the visitor will need to complete the Brown University Supplier and Individual Payee Registration Form. (This registration process is used as the University’s substitute IRS W-9 form and must be completed by the visitor).
  • Request a supplier payment using the Supplier Invoice business process in the Workday System. The payment request includes any services payment (honorarium, guest speaker fee, or service fee) and the visitor travel expense reimbursement. 
  • If the visitor is paid for services and is a foreign national, refer to the policy Payments to Foreign Nationals for additional required documentation. 

Accounts Payable will process the payment.  Payment will be processed as requested by the visitor on the Supplier Registration Form (either ACH or check).  International visitors may also request a wire transfer of funds


Your visitor is now a service provider and will have to complete the Supplier Registration Form.  If your visitor is a foreign national, the visitor must access FNIS and add his/her travel documentation.  You will need to create a supplier invoice for the payment and attach the guest speaker agreement.  Please refer to the Policy for Hiring Consultants/Independent Contractors and the Payments to Foreign Nationals policy for further guidance.

You can submit another request for payment for the travel reimbursement.

The supplier payment and the travel reimbursement should be submitted together to ensure reimbursement is made after services have been provided.

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