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Paychecks not Claimed by Payee


This policy states Brown University’s policy on unclaimed paychecks.

Policy Statement

The Payroll Office prepares and mails paychecks to the responsible department or other paycheck destination indicated on each individual employee’s payroll record for timely distribution on regularly scheduled pay dates. If a paycheck cannot be delivered to the payee in a timely manner, or if the payee is not employed by the indicated responsible department, the following steps will be taken:

  • The department must immediately notify and return any unclaimed paycheck to the Payroll Office,
  • Unclaimed paychecks will be held in the Payroll Office,
  • A Payroll Office employee will contact the payee to notify them that the Payroll Office is holding their paycheck(s),
  • Upon verification of the payee’s current address, the Payroll Office will forward a paycheck to a payee’s home address.


Employee: The employee is responsible for ensuring contact his or her contact information is up-to-date. 

Department: Advise Payroll if a check is not delivered in a timely manner or is unclaimed.

Payroll Department: Contact employee and make arrangements for the employee to receive the paycheck.  Escheat check to the State of Rhode Island if the check remains unclaimed.

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